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Journey to feel the code of Samurai

Heart, Technique and Body. Journey to face yourself, that is the Samurai Tourism.

Samurai Spirit

The Diamond Route is part of Aizu area, which from the civil war until the Edo period was the heart of the Samuari code as part of the Tohoku region. In Aizuwakamatsu are the principal battlefields of the Boshin war that filled Samurai spirits with righteousness, as well as its symbolic manifestation Tsuruga castle, and Nisshin-kan, the Samurai school in Aizu. Others sites include Matsudaira-byo, the mausoleum of the Aizu Matsudaira family, Iimori hill that brings thoughts of the "Byakkotai" samurai group. In Nikko, which is connected with the Aizu Nishi Kaido route, there is the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu (who founded the Edo government), the Nikko Toshogu shrine, the Futarasan shrine and the Rinno-ji temple. The shrine to Kashima, the god of battle, rises from a vast field facing the Pacific ocean. The Diamond Route is rich with the samurai spirit.

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Heart, Technique and Body. Journey to face yourself, that is the Samurai Tourism.

Samurai Spirits, to the journey

Direction to Japan, the sacred place of the code of Samurai. Blue eyed Samurais hit the road. The real Aizu that soldiers who departed for the Samurai journey feel. Open the door of Samurai. The code of The Samurai, that is the essence.

Samurai Spirits, Spirits, Technique and Physical strength

Harmony of heart and body is the essence of Samurai. Master your spirit, technique and body.

Samurai Spirits, to the country of righteousness

Sacred place of Samurai filled with righteousness spirits. Releaf your samurai in your heart.

Samurai Spirits, Open the door

Journey to feel the Samurai Spirits living today. Open the door, Diamond Route.

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Whether you seek to dive into the history of ancient Japan to understand the heart and spirit of the samurai. Or take an adventure through the gorgeous natural landscape of Northern Japan. We have various tours to meet your interests! Discover the Diamond Route of Japan.