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What is
Diamond Route Japan ?

Discover the Diamond Route. History, culture, nature, food, outdoor sports
the three prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki are full of sparkling treasures,
to give you the experience of a lifetime in the heart of Japan.

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Diamond Route Japan




10 Stories in
Diamond Route Japan

Discover the 10 themes of Diamond Route. A place where can find the origins of Bushido in Aizu. You can also enjoy Mount Bandai with its world famous snow field, Mount Ouchijuku and its ancient post town and the World Heritage renowned Nikko with Toshogu Shrine. A shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu first Shogun during the Edo period. The Kaihin-Koen park with its various beautiful flowers and the Ashikaga Flower Park. We introduce all these experiences in the videos.




Diamond Route that is part of Aizu area which was the centre of Samurai in Tohoku region in the age of civil war to Edo period. In Aizuwakamatsu that was the principal field of battles of Boshin war that they kept Samurai spirits and filled with righteousness, there is its symbol Tsuruga catsle, Nisshin-kan that was educational institution of Samurai in Aizu. Matsudaira-byo that is mausoleum of Aizu Matsudaira family, Iimori hill that spins the thoughts of "Byakkotai" samurai group. In Nikko that is connected with Aizu Nishi Kaido route, there are mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu who founded Edo government, Nikko Toshogu shrine, Futarasan shrine and Rinno-ji temple. The god of battle, Kashima shrine that stays on the vast field facing the Pacific ocean. The area of full of samurai spirits, that is Diamond Route.



Experience Culture

Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki where the local culture takes root where people have been living over 2000 years. Living style of country hills spreaded in each area, and number of local festivals that are scceeded from ancient times. The aspect that untouched deep local culture is preserved is Japan's field museum. The only way to feel this area is to walk, and have opportunities to talk with local people. This will let open the door of local culture.



Extreme Sports

The wall to challenge the nature by the skills reached to the limit. Torrents of clear streams, deep forests where deep path continues, mountain routes that meander, the moment to feel the extream stimulation to the physical ability, what you can meet there are heartbeats and the sens of fullfillment. The space you extend your possibilities, it is DIamond Route.



Flower Viewing

Flat lands, highlands, high mountains, forests to the beachs, Diamond Route has all the natural environment in Japan. It is the ecosystem of wild grasses and vegetations that shows its diversity. Beautiful flowers such as cherry blossms, wisterias, crepe myrtle, camellias and lilies that bloom in each season. Vast rice field in Tochigi that was selected to use in Daiijo-sai that is the most important shinto ceremony. Royal ferns, ostrich ferns, butterbur sprouts, chestnuts, kakis and chocolate vines, all these gifts from the nature are bright. The kingdom of flowers, Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki.




Foods circulate. Taking lives of plants and animals is the starting point of food for human beings. In Japan, we start eating meals by saying Itadakimasu which means "I'm going to take (lives)". Gifts from earth, forests, streams, the ocean and the lives, the gastronomy for us means our thankness to the nature and the circulation on the Planet Earth. We invite you to feel the coexisting with the nature that is the rout of the society of food in Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki.




Living by surrounded by nature. Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki where the beauty of Japanese nature unified with mountains, hills and Pacific ocean is condensed with deep vivid forest, gorges with clear stream, wild animals such as deers, monkeys, boas and birds. Coexisting with environment of the Earth which is important for human being to live happily. Environment of well-being, that is the important result of journeys.




Diamond Route has number of hotspring sites that represent Japan such as Oku-Aizu in Fukushima, Oku-Nikko in Tochigi, Abukuma mountanious and Mount Bandai. White water. to clear water with lots of minerals, the richness of variety of quality of water is extream. Surrounded by fresh green leaves in early summer, getting dappled sunlights of summer forest, at the highland with autumn colour, and white space surrounded by snow in winter, the capacity of the area where you can enjoy landscape of hotspring in each season is unlimited.



Outdoor Activities

Throwing out the body off the field. Running in the mountain, swimming in the ocean, diving into the river and walking in the forest, go into the nature with different gears like mountain bike, kayak, paragrider and snow shoe. Get back the sens of being wild. The area with the best outdoor field in Japan is waiting for you.




2020, the Olympic year starts from Fukushima. Starting by the call "Play ball" in the baseball match, Japan dispatches sports culture to the world. Baseball, soccer, handball, tennis and badminton, three prefectures where you can enjoy every genre of sports.



Explore it All

Diamond Route where you can have experience of deep and rich Japanese culture such as Samurai culture, outdoor field, local culture and regional gastronomy. Visiting Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki where condensed culture in East Japan that continues from anciant time is also to discover real Japan. The answer you find with your heart through walking with your own legs, breathing and feeling with five sens with your own pace, that is exactly the experience you wanted to have in Japan. Diamond Route is always waiting for you.


Diamond Route Japan

You can see in the video the charm of Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki. The video shows a wide range of topics from Samurai culture to hot springs and extreme sports.

Diamond Route Japan Channel image

You can see in the video the charm of Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki. The video shows a wide range of topics from Samurai culture to hot springs and extreme sports.



“GOKAN” Photo Gallery

The international photographers group GOKAN is traveling the Diamond Route and taking various picutres of the landscape during the 4 seasons.

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Sound Scape

The area has a unique sound landscape. When traveling on Diamond Route you can enjoy its mountains, streams, ocean as well as locals festivals and its people.

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