Bird Watching

Bird Watching


Dominic Couzens
Dominic Couzens, bird expert, best selling nature author, international field trip leader and a regular print columnist.
Dominic Couzens is a British birder, author and journalist specialising in avian and natural history subjects.
He contributes regularly to Bird Watching and BBC Wildlife magazines; and is also a professional field trip guide. His books The Secret Lives of Garden Birds, The Secret Lives of British Birds, and The Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife all received praise, with the former selected by The Guardian as one of the best wildlife books of 2004, an accolade also received by the Secret Lives of British Birds, and the latter picked as one of the best new nature books of Spring 2008 by The Times.

Roger Barnes
ornithologist and wildlife guide
Roger is a professional wildlife tour leader based in Leeds, UK, with many additional interests.
Tour managing/leading experience:
After several long-term conservation expeditions in Paraguay, Peru and Kenya Roger decided to take the safer, more comfortable option of tour leading.
He joined Bird Holidays in 2000 as a tour manager and leader. He has developed over 50 itineraries worldwide including in Brazil, Cuba, India, Taiwan, Oman and elsewhere.
He has personally led some 150 tours throughout the whole of Europe, as well as to Mongolia, Ecuador, Belize, North Africa, Nepal, Turkey and more.
The company profile can be found at this page


Bird Watching

Ura-bandai(forest and lakes in highland) Map

Abukuma Shinsui Park(river side) Map

Kotori-no-Mori(forest park) Map

Oze National Park

Places for cultural experience

Iwaki Lalamew


Tsurugajo Castle

Kasumigajo Castle Park


Aizu Bukeyashiki Samurai Residence

Daishichi Sake Brewery

The Yamajinjya shrine(Oyamatsumi Shrine)

Inawashiro BBQ

Tsubakuro dani

The Hattachi Coast

Roadside station "Yotsukura Port"


Bird Watching

Kasumigaura Lake Map

Lake Senba Map

Hiraiso Map

Hasaki Beach


Places for cultural experience

Kairakuen(Plum forest)

Nakaminato Fish Market

Oarai Isosaki Shrine


Tsukubasan Shrine

Ryujin Suspension Bridge

Fukuroda Falls


Bird Watching

Lake Chuzenji Map

Senjyo-ga-hara(high-land moor, grassland, forest) Map

Ichikai Town,Watarase retarding basin Map

Watarase Retarding Basin

Tochigi Prefecture Forest

Handa Swamp

Places for cultural experience

Nikko Toshogu(Shinto shrine)

Jizo Statues

Kegon Falls

British Enbassy Villa Memorial Park

Italian Enbassy Villa Memorial Park

Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)

Nasu Highland Observatory

Nasu Kogen Minamigaoka Farm

Kinu-Tateiwa Otsuribashi (Suspension Bridge)

Ryuo Valley